Meggen + Ian

Meggen is a bombastic hair stylist from Indie Six hair salon in Denver, CO. Her new hubby Ian is quite literally a perfect match for her. Sporting a jacket over a Misfits tee, they walked down the aisle together to Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” in an Irish bar. Nailed it. Their penchant for rock n roll mischief inspired their theme that day. Riding around in a vintage red Cadillac for a photo shoot was a highlight, as well as watching their family and their separate daughters Jolee & Sean come together to share their love for each other and their new step parents in their wedding speeches (not a dry eye in the room). I thought the surfer rock sound of The Drums really complements this duo and the incredibly fun vibe they put out. Congratulations you two, much love!


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