These two creative lovebirds met at the highly respected Denver local ad agency Cactus and after swimming in great ideas for awhile they came up with their own; celebrating their love & respect for each other in front of their closest friends and family at the stylish rural/urban mashup restaurant Beatrice & Woodsley (decor inspired by a true love story). Surrounded by camp lanterns, aspen trees, chainsaws, and white linens, these two kept it low key and classy, while trading witty remarks at the ‘altar’ (Ryan: I’m good at reading maps) basked in afternoon sunlight streaming in through the yellow tinted front windows. Earlier I met them at Cheeseman Park, a special place to them, while they were escorted by a driver in a classic yellow/black Rolls Royce. I work with Ryan occasionally through commercial video production and rarely do I meet someone who can make you comfortable while busting your side with laughter with smart well timed witty comments and dry humor. Then he introduced me to Lauren, and I had to say that about both of them. Well done you two, you both are perfect for each other.

Congrats to you both!


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