Knowledge Bombs

Whether its a quiet, intimate elopement or a huge throw down wedding bash, these events are one of the biggest milestones in your life. Planning this celebration is going to be time consuming, often anxiety inducing, but ultimately satisfying in every way, once all the details start falling into place. Each vendor you work with will have widely varying business models, pricing structures, and deliverables, which is especially true for photograghers.

Speaking of us camera geeks, I fully support my clients researching my peers and determining the best fit for the style they want. No one photographer has a style that speaks to every human on earth, thats what makes us unique in our own different ways. The more excited I see my potential clients about my style, the more I know we will work fabulously together. If I see Pinterest boards full of other photographers styles and images brought to the table during discussion, then I begin to question whether you’re hiring me for my own artistic interpretation or not. We all see the world differently and thats what makes us unique, so please respect that human quality.

Now, I suspect you’ve come up with a long list of questions about everything from pricing to style to gear and everything in between. Well, you’ve come to the right place for answers. Take a look through my Frequently Asked Questions, and be prepared to be hit with some knowledge bombs. I’m happy to answer any extra questions you may have over the phone or via email, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • Can you describe your photography style?

    Sure, I’ll give it a go. As a photographer, it’s my job to capture the natural and honest moments of love, lust, and everything in between.. That’s why I specialize in a mix of intimate, vibrant, kickass candids and fine art portraiture. I love to photograph creative, nontraditional people and unions, and am constantly inspired by the beauty and honesty found in all the crazy kinds of love. By leaving behind traditional portraiture style to playfully experiment with photography techniques, I create genuine, striking photographs of starry-eyed passions, adventurous love affairs and unique unions.

  • What services do you provide?

    I like to keep things simple and straightforward, which is why I don’t offer complicated or confusing wedding packages. When you hire me as your photographer, I offer base price for union/wedding photography with all other services offered a la carte. If you’d like to learn more about a la carte services, get in touch and we can talk about what you’re thinking.

    Services include, but are not limited to:

    Engagement sessions
    Wedding & engagement albums
    Family Lifestyle portraits
    Personal Lifestyle portraits
    Solo Boudoir sessions
    Intimate Couple sessions
    Phenomenal Photo Booth

  • Do you travel for shoots?

    Actually, I prefer to travel for shoots and chronicling my adventures with shutter clicks. Destination shoots combine two of the best things in life — travel and photography — and I am at my most inspired when photographing amazing couples in incredible, unique places. Some of the most memorable and best shoots have required travel, so I do anything I can to work with couples around the country and around the globe. I even offer free travel with wedding photography services to select cities in the United States. If you’re planning a destination union, or would like to talk more about travel options, reach out and lets chat.

  • So, what’s your story?

    I’ve had a passion for photography since high school, and have an MA in Media, Film & Journalism. Shortly after finishing school, I began my career in commercial video production as a camera operator, AC and Director of Photography (you can check out my alternate identity here).

    I founded the Photogenic Lab in 2008, and started shooting weddings, unions and families after I began to use the industry-changing Canon 5DII for video and still photography. I quickly found that my background in commercial video lended me invaluable insight into the use and manipulation of light and color. In addition, the intense pressure and project budget constraints  of the commercial industry taught me to be efficient, flexible and precise in all kinds of venues and settings.

    I founded the Photogenic Lab in 2009 because I loved the emotional, intimate feel of wedding and family photography. I am truly inspired by the beautiful people, incredible places and real human connections I photograph, and feel extremely lucky to be able to do this every day.

    The commercial industry is high pressure with lots of budget dollars on the line, so it teaches you to be efficient, multitask, and leave zero room for errors. Besides commercial and wedding, i’ve shot extensively for editorials for concert shows and collaborate with industry peers on projects.

  • Do you just shoot weddings?

    I predominately shoot weddings these days, although I also still work on commercial shoots. My portfolio also includes extensive editorial photography, concert photos and collaborative projects with some of my favorite industry peers.

  • How many weddings do you book each year?

    I believe every union I shoot is a story of its own. It’s for that reason that I shoot a limited number of ceremonies each year. By keeping my numbers relatively small, I can ensure that I’m producing the best photos possible, and that each incredible, unique couple I work with gets the attention they deserve.

  • Do you photograph same-sex/non-traditional unions?

    Absolutely. I always have been an outspoken and proud proponent of same-sex marriage equality and LGBT rights. I welcome all loving couples and their families regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. If that makes you uncomfortable, we’re probably not going to be a great fit.

  • Why do you love being a wedding photographer?

    I believe that you two human beings are special and unique to each other, and that’s why you want to commit to walking the road of life together. Your love is defined by acts of kindness, spoken affirmations, quirky imperfections, insatiable lust and shared experiences. It’s these factors that make your love unique, and it’s these elements that inspire me every day to do what I do.

    Each couple I work with inspires me to create images that emblazon your friendship, desire, devotion and tenderness toward each other. I’m constantly in awe of the amazing details that bring everything together for each couple, and I am honored to bear witness and to capture the moments big and small that define you as a couple.

  • You used to offer wedding cinema, what happened?

    I loved my unique and fresh approach to wedding cinema. No boring stuffy long form videos from me — I always wanted something more kinetic and stylistic. Mashup 16mm highlight films were my jam for awhile. However, my style required three times more post-production work than photography and the costs were prohibitive towards a sound business model. Maybe someday I’ll revisit the service, but for now, you can see all my old archived cinema highlight films here.

  • Who do you love to work with?

    I accept all walks of life and any form of happiness into my creative endeavors. That being said, I crave clientele who dare to be different, who think outside the box and who choose the path less traveled. Whether through their destination, their personal styles, the offbeat decor or the words in their vows, couples who embody a variety of lifestyles and cultures are my favorite — and most inspiring — clients and couples to work with.

  • Details, details...What are the details of your deliverables?
    • Eight (8) hours of full wedding day coverage
    • An online gallery for professional prints & sharing capabilities
    • Print-optimized digital files of all final processed images
    • Additional black & white treatments for every final processed color image
    • Print & Distribution License — full rights to print your images anywhere and share with friends and family.
  • How many images will we receive for weddings and how long to deliver?

    I typically deliver between 600-800 unique color images (as you see on this website), along with black & white treatment copies. 6-8 weeks delivery time for Summer/Fall events and 4 weeks for Winter/Spring.

  • Do we own our images after you deliver them?

    I provide you with full licensing rights to print and share with your friends and family. That being said, as the photographer I will always legally own the copyrights to your images.

  • Wait...what? You have a photo booth too?!

    Yes, you heard that correctly. And yes, it is excellent.

    The photo booth got so popular, it earned its own website. Check it out here to learn more about why you need this thing in your life and at your reception. Available in Denver market only.

  • Do you work with a second shooter?

    Nope. I’m a lone wolf.

    Seriously though. More often than not, I photograph weddings and unions solo, and I’m proud to say that all the imagery you see on this website is my work — and my eye — exclusively. Second shooters are often underpaid and inexperienced, shooting with less-than-professional equipment. (That’s just fine — after all, all professional wedding photographers were all second shooters at some point, right?) I like to control not only the style, but the quality, of every photograph taken, and I am confident I can handle any event myself without missing a moment.

    In the instance of a very large or especially complicated ceremony, I will ask one my amazing, already successful-in-their-own-right professional photography comrades to assist with wedding day coverage. Together, we can ensure that every angle and every moment is captured. If you’d like to learn more about second shooter options and pricing, let me know and we can talk details.

  • Let’s talk gear. What’re you cooking with?

    Let’s be real. Isn’t it more about the talent of the cook than the kind of oven they use?

    Anyway. Since you asked…

    Over the years, I’ve invested in both Canon and Nikon equipment, and I’ve yet to swear allegiance to either. In general, I’ll be using the camera with the leading sensor for dynamic range and noise levels, regardless of brand.
    Currently, I’m shooting with a Nikon D810 with a D750 backup body and all Nikon prime glass.

  • Do you take family group photos and detail shots?

    Of course. Although I usually don’t include these shots on the blog, I respect the importance and tradition of these photos, and know how much they mean to your families. I always take time for traditional family formals and group photos on your wedding day. Group photos are usually capped at a 15-minute window to allow for a larger focus on detail shots and portraits.

  • Can you make me look pretty?

    Honestly, I can’t pander to this question anymore. I utilize several techniques to take advantage of maximizing flattering light and composition, as well as strategically posing my clients to convey emotion and natural beauty.

    However, I make no promises on being able to satisfy any body image issues you may have. I believe that everyone is truly beautiful in their own different ways. But due to the subjective interpretation of one’s own reflection, it is nearly impossible for me to please someone with an already negative self image or preconceived notion of him or herself.

    My ideal client is someone who is confident and loves who they are by accepting their individuality in all their beautiful and rewarding imperfections. After all, this is what makes us human right?
  • My future husband/bride is not into taking portraits, is that a problem?

    Occasionally I see a couple show up to a portrait session with one of the partners (usually the guy) unenthusiastic, disinterested, and not caring about taking photos. My branding and blog clearly represent my desire to blend a balanced mix of candids and creative portraiture for my clients, and I need any future potential clients to fully understand this. You need to have a very frank conversation with each other about your desires, especially for portraits, and whether you want them or not. My ideal clients are 100% enthusiastic about showcasing their intimacy, love, and connection for each other in a very natural and artistic way. I go out of my way to forego cheesy poses in favor of real moments and fine art compositions, and would prefer not to be hindered by one partner who doesn’t truly have their heart into the moments. Keeping an open mind and being flexible is important. Clients who are secure in their feelings for each other and not afraid to express that visually will benefit the most out of a session. A portrait session, whether its an engagement session or on your wedding day, is naturally awkward and fun, and is your one true chance to create something truly unique together to share with the world.

  • Why don't you offer any tangible products in your packages like USB drives or boutique packaging for your base package?

    Many state laws require photograghers to charge sales tax on any form of tangible product delivered to client in a business transaction. This often means if I included even a USB key for delivery, I would have to charge the state sales tax on the whole package price. By only delivering via electronic downloads, there is no tangible product and hence no tax. This directly saves YOU money.

    This is also why I keep my tangible products à la carte and separate from my base package, so I can charge sales tax on just those products should you decide to purchase an album later on.

  • What about prints?

    To be honest, I’ve never liked the aesthetic of canvas prints. They’re low resolution and incredibly boring. They usually are low color and low saturation…not to mention SUPER easy to set fire to….

    I wanted to offer my clients something more unique, more enduring, more organic. Enter, wood prints. Photos are printed with incredible color reproduction and a hint of wood grain, giving texture and depth to prints. And, I get wholesale pricing from a fantastic partner company, so I can pass along great pricing.

    If you’re interested in learning more about print options, let’s chat.

  • I only need you to shoot our reception for 4 hours on a Saturday this summer, you can do that right?

    Hey I get it. You only need 4 hours. You want to keep costs down and/or lose some of the traditional parts of the day and just have a party for everyone.

    However, to run a profitable business, I’m only able to shoot weddings less than 6 hours if your wedding falls into these seasonal conditions:

    April – October: M – TH primarily and weekends (Friday-Sunday) if event is less than 1 month out when inquiry is made.

    November – March: Any day of the week.

  • I love all of this. I need your skills. Take my money. What’s next?

    Let’s just slow our roll a little, shall we?

    To get started, and ultimately to get a date booked, we need to meet first. We’ll get together, over happy hour or over Skype, get to know each other, determine the vibes and decide if we’re a good fit. My client relationships are based on mutual trust, and it is extremely important that we all get to know each other before working together. Wedding photography is incredibly personal work, and by understanding you and yours as people and as a couple, I can deliver my very best work.

    If we meet and agree on life, laughter and love, then a 50% deposit and signed contract are necessary to secure your date.

Your love is extraordinary. Let your photos match.
Your love is extraordinary. Let your photos match.